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Interview with Petar Zanev

In sports as well as in life in general there are no words „was“ and „yesterday“, there is a word – „today“! This is why everyone should work every day if one wants to achieve his/her goal!

We are glad to inform you that «Revansh» association starts internet project dedicated to problems of people addicted from drug substances and alcohol. In this project famous sportsmen, actors, musicians, public leaders will share their attitude to people under addiction. Each of them will tell about his/her life principles and will suggest possible ways out of problems connected with misuse of narcotic substances. The aim of such discussions is motivation of those who found themselves in complicated situation in life. The first to agree to answer the questions of our portal is Petar Zanev – football player of «Amkar» club Perm and of national football team of Bulgaria.

About rest and training

Hello, Petar Zanev. Congratulations on the past holidays, we hope, you had a good rest. There is such a motto: «only the one who rests well can work well». What do you think about it?

Hello, thank you for your wishes and congratulations. I also congratulate you wishing you strong health and happiness in New year. If speaking about motto I think it is very right. The reason is that the person to reach positive results, for example, in physical and psychological sense, should first of all have a good rest. So it is very important to be well rested before one starts his/her work.

Now your team is to have pre-season training. Several months of intensive training before the season is continued. The Bible says: « The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD». What can you say on this?

We are starting our training. This is the most difficult period for each sportsman as after the rest one should prepare his/her organism and muscular system within two-three weeks for forthcoming work! Only on preparation performance of the team for the championship depends. This is a very hard and complicated process which requires exceptional professionalism and attention! Even now the qualities of each football player in separate and then all the team as one the whole are formed and developed!

Interview with Petar Zanev
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About attitude towards mistakes and responsibility

We are glad that you agreed to answer questions for our web-site. It is dedicated to help to addicted people. People who found themselves in complicated circumstances in their life. For those whose wish to change their life and steps to sobriety can bring defeat but not victory. What is your attitude to defeats?

For me it is also the honor to be the one to answer your questions. I will be also even more glad if I can be useful for someone by sharing my life opinions and about sports! First of all the person should have the aim to win and should strive for it! My attitude towards defeats is as following: after each defeat one should make necessary conclusions, what was the mistake in and what I did wrong that brought me to such a result? These are the two questions which we should ask ourselves. One shouldn’t abuse everybody around and not see his/her own mistakes! Everyone can be mistaken and have defeat. The question is how to become stronger and better after them. It is all around psychology! One should learn by his/her own mistakes and not repeat them. This case there will be much less defeats!

In your present club you passed the way from  new-comer to the team captain. What do you feel now, after the years passed?

I am very happy that people trusted me to be our team captain. Even though I am a foreigner! This is recognition of my hard work which I gradually performed within four years. But for me this is not the final aim and I do not calm myself by being the team captain. This requires from  me even more responsibility and persistence each day! In sports as well as in life in general there are no words „was“ and „yesterday“, there is a word – „today“! This is why everyone should work every day if one wants to achieve his/her goal!

What is in your opinion necessary first of all to achieve set goals?

I already listed several things. The first and most important one is regularity, labor and restrictions! We all want many things and here is the moment of restrictions about. Restriction that will make me better!

About the price of success and personal qualities

Does there exist the certain payment for success? How do you think?

Each sportsman is certainly paying his/her price for his/her success. My price is unfortunately that I can’t be constantly with my family!!!

Interview with Petar Zanev
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What three words characterize Petar Zanev today?

It is a very complicated question to answer, as others should talk about us! But I will try to answer: hard-working, loving and honest!

To start sober life one should become honest, unprejudiced and ready to act. What qualities do you appreciate in people first of all?

In my mind one should be honest with oneself, love his/herself and his/her own body. Only then you will be able to love people around you. I appreciate such qualities as diligence, honesty and love — one can’t leave without it!

Wishes and parting words

Our association is called «Revansh». What is revenge for you personally? How do you understand this word?

You have chosen a very good name, I like it very much! The word «revenge» namely means the second chance! Everyone can be mistaken: one less, other more than that. Most important thing is not to allow this. And thus namely take revenge by oneself.

We thank you for your answers and wishing this new year brings lot’s of joy and happiness for you and your relatives. And to complete the last question is on the way. Do you have a wish or an aim for this year?

As every man I do have wishes. First of all I wish me and my family health, the rest I will reach with labor and permanence. Thank you for the interview. I will be happy if I could help with my advice to those people who need support! Thank you for your wishes, health is most precious in the world, save it!

P.S. An interview with Petar Zanev opens a series of conversations with famous people. We are interested in what drives them in moments of victory and defeat, who inspires them and why they do not give up. We do not think that their experience and knowledge can help everyone who wants to change their lifestyle. But at the same time, we are confident that everyone can take something for themselves and use it.

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